Creating the right film for you

We have the technology to do as much or as little as you want for your film. 


To film, we have the use of local studios in addition to our own including greenscreen, which is also portable for location shoots.  We can edit, and using our creativity and industry standard editing programs, produce HD quality films.

For more information about how we can help you with your project please get in contact either by phone or e-mail (above).

Examples of our work can found below:

Fire in Wright Close, Woodley - News Item

We filmed, edited and produced this video capturing the story.  The film was then used by Get Reading on their website several times.

Danny Boyle - behind the scenes

Filmed on Penny Lane, Liverpool, we went behind the scenes on Danny Boyle's new film.

Annie Quinn - Mad World  (music video)

This music video was filmed in two takes.  It was then edited, the backing tracked added, and the final film produced.  Annie also recorded the track in our sound studio.

Kerrie Newton - Bespoke Nails (Showreel piece)
O'Real - Kedekede (music video)

This was filmed in our studio on greenscreen from several different angles.  We then edited, added effects and produced the final version.

Paul Martin -Treat Me Nice (Music Video)

Kerrie provided me with the film and together we co-edited and co-produced the final version.  We worked on several projects and with one she won a Channel 4 competition.

John Lydon book signing - News Item

John Lydon aka Johnny Rotton of the Sex Pistols at a book signing.  This film had little editing and the final version was used by Get Reading on their website.

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"What a fabulous night Phil and you made it happen with all the music we all loved. Totally had a ball. Thanks again J and B x"